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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Movin' On Out

Well...here at last. All moved in (well sort of...) Now the fun part is the unpacking and getting life back to a semi-normal situation while adjusting to a new home. It is an experience that has been greeted with much anticipation and stress, I'm afraid to say. First time homebuying should be prefaced with a disclaimer that states, "Remember one thing only...if things can go wrong they will." Oh wait, I do believe that a certain someone by the name of Murphy may have declared that law already. It seems that it applies to not only homebuying but life in general as well. Maybe it should be in neon then. Blinking neon...

Oh and another thing. What possessed me to move to the middle of nowhere, completely guaranteeing me that there would be no chance in hell for high-speed internet? Could it be the silence of trains and expressway that put me to sleep at night? Or the fact that when you sit out on my deck at night the only light to be seen is the one at my disposal attached to the back of the house? Alas, a compromise had to be made and patience learned. I may be out in God's country, but boy is Tennessee beautiful! I took a trip into the 100 feet or so of woods behind my house (on my land no less), and found one of the greatest treasures to be found. There is a rock wall, no higher than my knee, running through the thick of the woods and on past the neighbors lot as well. I couldn't believe it! This thing must be better than 50, maybe even 100, years old. I am totally in love with anything that is old and has history to it. There is so much to be felt and learned from those things established, that the smallest nuance should not be missed. It is a private sanctuary (private because you have to brave the foliage that has grown around it to get there) and a beauty to look at. If you ever come to visit Tennessee, this is one thing that you have to find and see, so that you can appreciate the beauty of it.

So, I would very much like to get another podcast out (I've only gotten to do one with my new equipment and I can't wait to do another!). It has been a real joy to watch my bandwidth go up for the month and I hope to see it go farther...I would be perfectly ok with waking up one morning and getting an email from Yahoo! explaining that my limit had been exceeded for the month (at which point I would need to find other hosting haha). I am completely humbled and appreciative to all who have subscribed to the feed and listened to the show. Please drop me a line at dymind@gmail.com and let me know what you think of the show...whether you like or dislike it(I'm not shy so you don't have to be either). I was really glad to see that I am now listed at Podcast Alley. If you search for defenestrate or nashville, you'll find my listing in there (one of two at the moment for nashville). So take a trip over there and check it out...and what the hell throw a vote in if you think me worthy...no matter what the opinion, it is of a respected nature to me. I hope to see everyone back to listen to the next show...look for it soon!

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