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Monday, March 07, 2005

Getting things together

Hey, I am setting things up a little bit at a time, as time allows. The first podcast should be ready in a few days. For the bands I have emailed about song play: Thank you so much for allowing me to share your music with people. It is truly an honor to have talked to you. I believe this is the right way to do things, fans to fans. We'll get the word out on the music we like and in turn the people we talk to tell their friends. It all starts with the fan. In the coming casts I would like to share my views on the RIAA and what I see as a new beginning and paradigm shift in how we come to spell popularity and stardom for the artists we are fans of. No longer the black curtain of marketing and advertisements that tell you what you should listen to. There are artists out there that do not crowd under this umbrella, and they are working hard to live their passions and dreams. Well, I'm keeping this short on purpose so that I can get back to bringing everything together.

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