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Sunday, March 20, 2005

Geekin' Out

I am so excited, waiting ever so patiently for my new mic to be delivered to the apartment. Got the Behringer B-1 because of the relatively flat frequency response across the board. Should be a good warm mic, which is what I'm looking for...something that is warm and clear with low noise. Hope this does the trick. Coupled with my Behringer UB802, it should work quite nice. I've got more great bands lined up for the next show...I'm moving to my new house this next weekend and I want get another one out before then, because if not you probably won't hear from me for another week...and we can't have that now can we.

So, as many have probably realized what with reading so many blogs and all, this is an interesting little revolution we have going on here. You can hardly listen to On The Media without some mention of a blog on their show (excellent podcast and NPR show, by the way...highly recommend it). Even more interesting, I think, is the possibility for intimacy between fan and artist in this new digital age. It is entirely conceivable to bring the wall down in that respect and bring things much closer together than they have ever been before. I'm sure many people thought this before with the advent of bbs and then the successor the Forum, but this time it seems to be a bit different in that now a regular diary can be kept for the public to see, along with comments to the post. In addition, you have a full range of media from pictures to music to videos that can be played from their site, all in hopes of gaining one more fan which lends itself to them going out to a show and seeing that the band is every bit as good if not better than what they can experience on the web (as the realism keeps intensifying).

I hope to be apart of bringing that bridge closer together. Music has the power to inspire, while the artist is the source of the inspiration. Not only can we hear the words they say in tune, but also experience what they have to say through their posts on a blog. It's going to be fun in this transition. The only way this system will work is if we support the music we like by buying their stuff (let's face it, everyone has to eat). So if you like a band played on this show or on any podcast you listen to, buy their cd and I promise you will have a friend forever :)

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