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Friday, September 29, 2006

Rails of fun ...

So, I've been looking to broaden my web based horizons as it were to incorporate more of an "open sourced" community based paradigm of development.  I'm classically an asp.net c# die hard to the core (still a big fan, by the way), but simply cannot ignore the fact that the back end expense of running IIS / Windows Server 2003 (soon to be Longhorn) is a major hurdle for most startups trying to get an idea to production.  So I've been doing quite a bit of work / learning of Ruby on Rails.  This along with good ol' PHP, XML, mySQL, <insert web acronym here>, etc ad infinitum seems to be a very viable solution to the often times cost prohibitive .Net Framework.  I've heard quite a bit of static over the last 8 months or so concerning Ruby, but haven't had the same experiences with it personally.  Not having done any commercial work with it (yet), I haven't had much of a chance to put it through the ringer but I'm confident that if sights like Odeo can sustain a happy existence then it will be good enough for anything I can cook up.  Here's to the agile web!

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