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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Defenestrate Your Mind Video Episode 1

Those of you who checked out the latest podcast may remember me having mentioned video podcasts coming in the near future.  Well, that time is now and here's your first video.  As a primer, we basically have about five music videos played back to back from some pretty amazing independent bands.  When I was working with ResonateTV, I found it extremely surprising that there were so many independent artists that actually had music videos.  I mean, these are not amateur videos here, they are very professionally done. 

The format of the show is very simple, in that there is very little else in terms of content besides the music videos themselves (oh, and an appearance from a faithful friend at the end).  Stringing together the videos does not take up too much of my time (especially now that I figured out how to rip dvd's right in Sony Vegas, dammit!).  If I happen to be out and about with my camera, I should be able to get some interesting content out.  My original vision was to have artist interviews, live shows, etc.  As it stands it all seems a bit too corporate for my taste (ya, know ... stars in the eyes).  Pretty much whatever I deem interesting is going to get filmed.  Of that, whatever seems fitting to distribute will get put into the show.  This stuff is fun, but time consuming (something I had no idea about when I started producing ResonateTV).  In the interests of keeping it simple, video clips will largely be unedited and raw (which has it's own appeal sometimes).  Really, though if you have any feedback on suggested content or just general suggestions gimme a shout at dymind [at] gmail [dot] com. 

Here's the link to the video:  Download Video

Ah, yes and the playlist to accompany :-)

As Fast As - Florida Sunshine

I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness - According to Plan

Midlake - Young Bride

Superfortress - Why Me, Not Her

Against Me - From Her Lips to God's Ears (The Energizer)

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