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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Defenestrate Your Mind - Edition 10

Wow, finally made it to number 10. I started school a couple of weeks ago. That coupled with the fact that I'm working 40 hours a week...sheesh. No time for anything. But hey...them's the breaks eh? Gotta get my edjimication so that I can kiss this tech support gig goodbye and actually do something that I want with life. So, anyhoo. Thank you to everyone who have stuck by me through this and are still listening to the show. You guys are the best. For all you new listeners thank you for checking it out and consider subscribing ;-)
If you liked any of the artists played consider purchasing their CD! Thanks for listening...tune in next week for more!

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Bands Included in the Show:

The Reach

The New Digital Sound


Ever So Good


1 comment:

Bobby said...

is edition 9 the lost episode? cuz you went from 8 to 10. haha