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Monday, November 13, 2006

Well played ...

via Digg.com:

concerning the $1 or more paid to UMG for every Zune sold ... and my comments:

I am now chuckling to myself. Microsoft said that this would blow the Ipod out of the water. remember the end of the movie "Pirates of Silicon Valley"? I know this never happened in reality but the scene went something like this:

Steve Jobs: But we've got better stuff!
Bill Gates(pointing to all the shiny new computers running Windows and not Mac OS): Don't you see, that doesn't matter!

They don't have to compete with the Ipod's commercial success, UI, or general coolness in the market place. They compete on the bargaining power that they just gave all of the record labels who get a dollar or more from every Zune sold (which seems a lot more attractive to them than an Ipod, now).

I hate to say it but well played ... now the plot thickens.

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