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Sunday, April 17, 2005

Defenestrate Your Mind - Edition 3

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And yet another edition comes your way with more great music and adventure! Another excellent line up of bands that include:

Atomic Blonde - Nightmare Website MySpace

City Mouse - Engine #9, Heidi Heidi Website MySpace

Ocelets - The Truth About Baker Hill, ...Will Be Televised Website (CD for Sale)

Divided By Three - Noise of The World Website (CD for Sale) MySpace

The Josh Jackson Band - If It All Comes True Website (CD for Sale) MySpace

Thoughts and addendums:
On The Media was quoted in this cast. Please direct comments to On The Media concerning that particular story.

I may have spelled the band Ocelots incorrectly in the cast. It is spelled correctly in the text here. Sorry for the confusion. **woops**

Thank you again goes to the individual bands that allowed me to play their music. Tell all your friends and neighbours to listen! :)

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